Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zoo Gestures and a Doodle

A doodle between and during meetings and such...

Spent some quality time at the Zoo with some friends yesterday, was a good day :)



Bird of some sort!



Monkeys! One on the end flashed me that evil face I swear!

Brenticus Watercolorus

Jasonae Pharmacopola

Virginia Archipirata


  1. Dude, you freak'n rock. laughed my ass off and the drawings are sweet too.

  2. Nice! That cracked me up. The gestures are also completely brilliant.

  3. Haha, hey Tom! Dude, thanks for scanning those sketches .. as terribly drunken as they were! You're a really cool guy and it was really nice to meet you :) Hope to see you again in the future!
    Also, I LOVE your blog.. lots of eyecandy here! :)

  4. good grief you are good. dang boy.

  5. Followed a link to your site from Ryan O's. Love your stuff! Eagerly waiting for more.

  6. I, like Jake, also found your site through Ryan's. Beautiful work my friend. I also noticed a colab you did a while back with Jason Kim... do you guys work together? He's one of my best friends from college! Small world. Say hi to him for me, and keep up the great work man!!

  7. Virginia: Congrats new mom! :D I hear you are already recovered, you're crazy. Glad you enjoyed the post Archipirata lady :)

    Brent: Congrats new dad! Glad you liked. I almost didn't post these, shy about em I guess :O

    Kristen: Hey! We weren't nearly drunk enough that night, we'll have to make up for it next time. Was great to meet you, hope CalArts is treating you well. Update more! <3

    Hethe: Thanks so much dude, really love and respect your stuff. Hope I didn't offend by making that suggestion the other day :)

    jake: Thank you kindly sen├Ár. Mr. Ottley is a king amoung men.

    rawls: Mr. Kim is a friend of mine as well :) I told him you said Hi :) Small world, yeehaw. You should come visit the Yewtaaaaaahs. Cheers!