Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caught up! I think ...

I think I'm all caught up, but can't shake the feeling that I've got more drawings somewhere...
A few of these from this post and the last post are bigger files because they are bigger drawings. Smaller files are still larger than life on my monitor.


  1. yay for catching up! Drawing night was awesome. Thanks man.

  2. uve got new goodies everywhere! My brain is gonna es plode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. daniel: thanks dude, glad to know you aren't famous enough to forget about me yet :P hehe. Only a matter of time.

    Virginia: Thanks for coming to draw night! You are too awesome, can't believe how superhuman you are. Hope you and the new family are better than awesome :)

    ghettofab: oh nose, don't es plode! I owe you lunch!

    louis-philippe: Thank you kindly!

  4. Jeez man, what kind of pencil is that? Those pencil strokes are like tasty butter.

  5. Thanks! It's either a HB pencil or an HB mechanical pencil. Nothing special really.