Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drawnight, Meeting doodles and Color Comps

First one started out in acrylics. Was focused on nothing more than getting a better feel for the medium really. Still though, thought it would be fun to play with a little more digitally and then go back in acrylics to see what I could do.

I've really been enjoying pencil and have been doing the majority of my work in them lately.

Playing with some more efficient ways of conceptualizing as well, you'll see a few color comps mixed in with these thumbs (well, I've been doing the majority of my sketches lately just shy of A4). Really quick gradients and blocks of color; I've really been wanting to focus more on concepts and ideas more than technique and rendering lately as it's a definite weak point of mine.


Oh, you all should check out One Swoop Fell
It's a comic I'm loving done by a friend, Mr. Mike Dutton.
Tell him he should make a book already ok?


:O I need to do more Collaborations. Only three from the past few weeks? Guess I haven't been doing as many drawings...

Collab with Alan Tew
(Giant naked dude or small environment?)

Collab with Alan Tew
(we were both a bit drunk here... yup. ) :)

Collab with Alan Tew
(woohoo! Naked swinging ... err, naked on a swing?)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guys standing on Rocks ...

Lots of guys standing on rocks this post ... am I the only one who does this when I'm out and about? Case in point ...

Anyhow, some recent scribbles and such.

Oops, was going to finish this one...
Something about threes...

This one is much less rendered than usual, trying
to work in line more but I also wanted to paint this one
up. Been thinking a ton about value patterns...

Two Threes ... Rock standing party.

The O.G. rock standers.

Uhhhh, not much to say here. I need to do more trees.


So lonely, needs 2 more. Meeting doodle.

Collab with Brent Critchfield
(Congrats on being a new father buddy!)