Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guys standing on Rocks ...

Lots of guys standing on rocks this post ... am I the only one who does this when I'm out and about? Case in point ...

Anyhow, some recent scribbles and such.

Oops, was going to finish this one...
Something about threes...

This one is much less rendered than usual, trying
to work in line more but I also wanted to paint this one
up. Been thinking a ton about value patterns...

Two Threes ... Rock standing party.

The O.G. rock standers.

Uhhhh, not much to say here. I need to do more trees.


So lonely, needs 2 more. Meeting doodle.

Collab with Brent Critchfield
(Congrats on being a new father buddy!)


  1. Nice update^^ I quite like the whole lot of them, particularly 002 and 008 (the third and fourth from the top).

  2. damn fine sketches, man! i am happy to have stumbled upon your second blog, and i enjoy watching the stuff. thanks tom.

  3. hmmm... dudes standing on rocks eh? I think I need to do more of those! Great sketches my friend!

  4. Great updates as always - hell man you are prolific.
    How do you keep it up-
    Also you going to the Massive Wello thingo in November?

  5. great sketches man! Really believable sense of depth.

  6. Micah: Thanks Bro!

    alex d: And thank you for stumbling over here :) How you been lately anyhow? Where is the new art?

    rawls: Thanks dood! Send me a link if you ever do some dudes standing on stuff. :)

    ghettofab: Why thank you sir, was great to see you last week. Wish we could do lunch this friday but I have a meeting :\ Next week? I owe you!

    mike terry: Thank you sir!

    jake: Haha, prolific? Thanks duder. I don't think I'm going to make it to the Conceptart workshop unfortuneately :\

    marcobucci: Thank you kindly mista bucci! Heading over to your blog right now...