Sunday, July 6, 2008

DrawNight Collaborations

I've had an incredible amount of fun as well as learned quite a bit from these collaborations. They are definitely my favorite drawings from DrawNight. I love 'em!

I've got plenty more at the office, but neglected to bring them home over the weekend. Expect more collabs and thumbnails soon.

Collab with Rachel Hunter
(Need to convince her to make a blog)

Collab with Jason Kim
Hahah, this was so unexpected - I love scale juxtapositions.

Collab with Ryan Ottley
Giant Stick Breaker! Oh nose.

Collab with Rachel Hunter

Collab with Carmen Chow
Balloon snakes are awesome!

Collab with Rachel Hunter
This one made me realize I need to do more figures, adds so much!

Collab with Carmen Chow
So Cute!


Being a natively digital artist I had never done much pencil work outside of the occasional drawing class at the local community college. Early on in this year, or perhaps late last year (2007) I had the good fortune of finding myself a part of Mr. Alan Tew's DrawNight tradition and as a result of the positive vibes, pleasant company and plenty of practice I have come to enjoy pencils quite a bit.

Most of the following thumbnails are from DrawNight with the occasional sketch from meetings and breaks. The subjects are usually very similar as I often find myself trying to understand or attempt to solve the same problems. Generally speaking I don't use these thumbnails to create a painting, however they have been indispensable in regards to studies and inspiration. Time varies on these, easy to lose track :)

Many of you if not most, probably know of this website. If not; It's a site of posed and rotatable 3D Human models featuring what's underneath the skin. Quite handy for learning muscles but a cheap substitute for figure drawing. (But then again, cheap isn't always bad; it was very nice to sit down after a long day at work and sketch up probably a good 100 of these guys with two of my coworkers Jason Kim and Dillon Thompson.) Make sure you check out the tools section.

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from the batch.

Just around 1 Minute each.

New Blog!

I took about a half-inch thick stack of doodles and sketches home from the other day because I finally have a scanner. Yeehaw - about 2 or 3 inches left at work... nothing fancy, just a few minutes here and there - things during meetings, during breaks and some fun stuff from draw nights.

The plan is to use this new blog for quicker studies and sketches and the other blog for the finished stuff.

Anyhow, going to post some art now :)