Sunday, July 6, 2008

DrawNight Collaborations

I've had an incredible amount of fun as well as learned quite a bit from these collaborations. They are definitely my favorite drawings from DrawNight. I love 'em!

I've got plenty more at the office, but neglected to bring them home over the weekend. Expect more collabs and thumbnails soon.

Collab with Rachel Hunter
(Need to convince her to make a blog)

Collab with Jason Kim
Hahah, this was so unexpected - I love scale juxtapositions.

Collab with Ryan Ottley
Giant Stick Breaker! Oh nose.

Collab with Rachel Hunter

Collab with Carmen Chow
Balloon snakes are awesome!

Collab with Rachel Hunter
This one made me realize I need to do more figures, adds so much!

Collab with Carmen Chow
So Cute!


  1. No Diesta-scapes? Its cools still. I like topless women-scapes more anyways.

  2. hey man, didnt know about this blog..awesome!!! are you going to new zealand?

  3. another blog of skull meat goodness??? you son of a burgermeister

  4. TOM! :) wow, I visited your new blog after reading your entry about sketchpad of Doom! I love all of your drawings with your fellow artists!!! Incredible! :D Please keep posting more, dude! <3

  5. sweet Tom. its always interesting to see peoples painted vs drawn style!

  6. WHERE THE SHIT is the cyclops monster?!?

  7. Dillon: They are coming! Promise! You'll probably never see this, but I miss being your friend already.

    Francis: Hey dude! Was great to hang out again dood! Not sure about New Zealand ... it appears to be more of a full pipeline workshop and no traditional art either? Not sure I want to break the bank over that you know?

    Ghettofab: :D Hey buddy! We need to do draw lunch or just plain lunch again soon!

    Victoria: Heya Vic! I heard you were at ComicCon for just a day? Sorry I missed you :( Hope you are well, you need to tell me about Disney soon!

    Mall: Mall! Thanks so much, I have a ton of fun doing these collabs and I learn a lot too! I will post more soon, promise!

    demonhand: Heya Carl, how is life?! People keep saying I draw like I paint ... like that's wierd or something? :O

    Dave: It's coming! Promise!

    Pointpusher: Thanks dude! Love your stuff!!!