Sunday, July 6, 2008


Being a natively digital artist I had never done much pencil work outside of the occasional drawing class at the local community college. Early on in this year, or perhaps late last year (2007) I had the good fortune of finding myself a part of Mr. Alan Tew's DrawNight tradition and as a result of the positive vibes, pleasant company and plenty of practice I have come to enjoy pencils quite a bit.

Most of the following thumbnails are from DrawNight with the occasional sketch from meetings and breaks. The subjects are usually very similar as I often find myself trying to understand or attempt to solve the same problems. Generally speaking I don't use these thumbnails to create a painting, however they have been indispensable in regards to studies and inspiration. Time varies on these, easy to lose track :)


  1. You can eat lunch with the cool kids now.

  2. Dooooood! These are nice! I like the 'paper cut out' feeling some of them have.

  3. Really nice studies. Composing landscape elements is one of the things I have the most trouble with - I appreciate how seriously great (and effortless) these look.

  4. Hey Asshat you can keep your blog domains without having them all listed in your profile. ^ ^

    Very cool sketches!

  5. Dillon: You and Jon diesta?! Yes, I've waited my entire life for this.

    Johnny: Sup punk! Was good to see you, even if it was briefly :P Hrm, paper cut out?

    emma: EMMA! I missed you at ComicCon :( Noooooooooo. I need to get your book! Thanks for the kind words!

    Joshua James: Thanks asshat! I had no idea... kekeke.

  6. Too good man. Those geometric trees take me somewhere else ay :). I love em