Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drawnight, Meeting doodles and Color Comps

First one started out in acrylics. Was focused on nothing more than getting a better feel for the medium really. Still though, thought it would be fun to play with a little more digitally and then go back in acrylics to see what I could do.

I've really been enjoying pencil and have been doing the majority of my work in them lately.

Playing with some more efficient ways of conceptualizing as well, you'll see a few color comps mixed in with these thumbs (well, I've been doing the majority of my sketches lately just shy of A4). Really quick gradients and blocks of color; I've really been wanting to focus more on concepts and ideas more than technique and rendering lately as it's a definite weak point of mine.


Oh, you all should check out One Swoop Fell
It's a comic I'm loving done by a friend, Mr. Mike Dutton.
Tell him he should make a book already ok?


  1. These are super Thomas! I'm lovin yer design and composition sense! You've got a great eye for it.

  2. supersweet colors tom


    Thanks for the plug dude. Seeing your sketches and my banner in one post led me to one thought:


    Let's do this thing. Yeah?

  4. Whooooooah! You're a beast on paper too! Amazing energy in your lines, I need to go study them. *bows before Master Apathy*

  5. really cool stuff Tom! like the drawings and the paintings look great. cheers

  6. you bet your ass i'm drawing disney...always will...FOREVER!!! umm, you draw good. and paint good. hugs...

  7. Very very nice work my friend!
    Love your color choises

  8. wow these are all great! i love your stuff

  9. hey maaan! i was more than surprised to find your comment on my blog%) the first one, i must notice, i will honor it:)))

    like your stuff very much. it's very close to me, to what i feel and perceive. and it's very kind and positive. you're a great inspiration for me:)

    keep rockin';)

  10. More guys standing on rocks!! I love how your sketches convey this sense of exploration, like that guy's been all over the damn world... or worlds?

    Do you sketch on a tablet or computer or draw them with pencil? Your landscapes are very inspiring. Love the colors. Keep it up, I'll be watching your blog!!

  11. cool concepts man. Your shape design is great

  12. Francis: How you doing mang? Take over the world yet?

    Nathan Fowkes: Thank ya sir! I'm trying to figure out how to get to your workshop in early November, hope to see you soon.

    rawls: What up g-funk? Thanks for the kind words.

    Alex: Thanks dooder!

    Matt Scheuerman: Thank ya thank ya!

    Mike: Duttonbook! Hay ... what's new with our collab? :O

    sp: RAAAAAWR beast! thank ya kindly.

    krossj: Saaaaaaaaankyuuuu. *cough* Thanks!

    Philip: Hey mr. disney, how the hell are you? So are you in LA now? Err, burbank? Can I come?

    Dominic: Thank you very very much!

    George cwirko-godycki: Gracias!

    kveye: Yeah dude! Update and stuff! I like the textury patterny bits. :)

    ben mauro: Bennnnnnnn, how the hell are you? What you up to? Keep it freshhhhhhh.

    trautfish: Thanks dude! Let's go stand on some rocks! Most of the stuff here is pencil, the bulk of it really. Conversely most of the stuff on my other blog is painted digitally. Happy to inspire, cheers!

    marcobucci: Thanks dooder! Shapes are delicious.

  13. Very striking series of images Tom. I love the humor of your work, the solider with the sword looking at a little red bird seems odd but befits your work.

  14. I'm visiting from Geoff Shupe's blog. I have to say that I love the top image with the red bird.