Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Collab with Ryan Ottley
(He Inked it too! :D So in love with this)

Collab with Gheybin Comish
(Hehe, fun with word bubbles! And a BEAR!)

Collab with Rachel Hunter
(Such a nice calm feeling. Still need to get you a blog!)

Collab with Dave Chisholm
(I found it Dave! I found eeeeet! Love this one brosef!)

Collab with Rachel Hunter
(This one put a huge smile on my face. Rachel's been drawing a ton lately and I think it really shows.)

Collab with Virginia Critchfield
(Yaaaaaaaaa! I dunno what he's looking at but it's not going to be happy once he eats it :O )

Collab with Ryan Ottley
(hahahaha, so didn't mean that to be water but I like it even more that way. Also, I bet it's hard to balance with your hands in your pants)

Vandalism by Alan Tew
(Hahaha, Alan ninja'd this from me at dinner and suitably so vandalized it with graffiti. I planned on painting this one so it might take some photochopping :P Not upset with you buddy :) I think it's hilarious.)


  1. Being drunk may be an inadequate defense, but it's all I got.

  2. Best defense ever if you've ever seen Alan drunk.