Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sept. 26 Offset

Have you seen Bengal's new blog?

Update or two at the Crayonbox of Doom!


  1. I still need to buy that book-- I mean it's not like I do any work that would warrant me needing it (yet), but I really should know stuff like that.

    Awesome compositions. Do you do these just as a warm up or is it a 'bored at your desk' thing?

  2. Replying to everyone via their blogger email contact unless unavailable.

    Hunter: Yeah man, it's a good book. Honestly it would be better to be educated before you need it rather than too late I think. Thanks for the kind words, these are usually done just for fun while out for drinks or with friends. Not really studies, just little self-contained doodles.


  3. have you seen:

    nice sketches!

  4. I like your new sketches love, and I just watched Where good ideas come from, very cool. Thanks for linking that <3