Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tonight's battle of graphite and sushi amongst friends, comrades and one robot ninja.
Only 4 tonight, decided I really need to buck up and draw more buildings. I need practice :)


  1. I can't explain it, but I like the curves of the building, like it was carved imperfectly out of a mountainside.

    Also it reminds me of aliens vs predator in a strange way. The tension of an unknown, ancient looking place....

  2. the perspective is great,love these sketches ;)

  3. Hey Thomas, thanks so much for the kind comment! Did you find me after I commented on your sweet painting on Gorilla Artfare?

    I am so watching your blogs now, your work is mindblowing! :D

  4. I love your blog, a great find! Great drawings!

  5. youre like shredded wheats to me

    on the one one hand I hate that you know how to use a pencil so well....

    but on the sweet painter side I hate u even more so .....

    pool and lunch ....

  6. Your sketches are truly awesome. Hats off gentlemen.

  7. rawls: Thanks dude!
    Ally: Thanks for the analysis, always interesting to hear!
    peter berkovski: Gracias!
    pinflux: Not sure how I found you, might be. Thanks for the kind words!
    alina chau: Thanks lady! :) What you been up to? I better go see.
    aaron: Thanks dude!
    Mel: I hate you too buddy! We should do draw lunch!
    finn clark: Thanks very much! Hats off!

  8. Love your work so so much ! It's too awesome :D